At Marriott Construction we always do our best to deliver high-quality work. Client satisfaction is our main goal. Our company is a team of professionals who do their job to the highest standards. That’s why we feel confident to provide our customers with a 10-year structural warranty. Plus, all of our projects are fully insured.

Buildings usually experience settlement during the first several years after the construction. As a result, some cracks appear. We understand that you may feel nervous when you see cracks. But there is no need to worry. It is a normal process which doesn’t mean that the construction has been done in a bad way.

Cracks can also appear due to unstable weather conditions. When it is hot, structural materials in your house tend to expand. If the temperature drops, the materials shrink. This is the way cracks occur. So, cracks caused by the expansion and shrinkage of the materials are not structurally hazardous.

We usually recommend our clients to wait at least 12 months after the completion of the construction. Within this period some more cracks may appear. Then you can contact us. Our experts will get back to you and repair those cracks. You can get all the warranty details upon request.

NHBC Warranty (New Build House Projects Only)

In case of a new build house project, NHBC warranty and insurance cover will be arranged by Marriott Construction Ltd. The cover will start from the exchange of contracts and lasts up to a maximum of 10 years after the legal completion date. We are always ready to share our insurance policy documents with our clients.

All our construction projects include a snagging period that usually lasts for one year. This period takes place after the official completion of the project. During this time some minor problems known as snags are removed. Snags can be functional and cosmetic. No matter what types of snags are identified. They all will be fixed before the completion certificate is granted.

If you are interested in Marriott Construction services, we can provide you with the details of our insurance policies anytime. We are committed to exceptional customer experience. We work hard to make each of our projects unique and would be happy to help you with any of your construction needs.


There are different types of risks that could occur during construction. Marriott Construction Limited has allowed for insurance cover including:

  • Employers Liability to the limit of £10 million in any one occurrence
  • Public Liability to the limit of £5 million in any one event

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