Health and Safety Policy

Our company fully realises its responsibility for the health and safety of everyone working on the construction site. We are obliged to create and maintain a safe working environment for our employees. Plus, we have to provide our clients with a safe home to live in.

Marriott Construction fulfils its responsibilities in compliance with Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. According to this act, employers have to reduce any risks that may appear in the workplace. We understand that our main goal is to prevent our employees from getting injured.

To achieve this purpose, we provide all our specialists with adequate training. We explain how certain equipment works and how it has to be safely used on the construction site. We expect our employees to cooperate with us following safety rules and regulations. They should also be very careful in the workplace and avoid putting their lives or the lives of other people at risk.

We assess all the risks that might occur during the building process. The most common incidents include falls from height, slips or trips on the same level. Builders can be trapped by something collapsing or stuck by a moving object. We do our best to prevent any of these unpleasant or even life-threatening situations from ever taking place.

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. At Marriott Construction, we focus on avoiding dangerous situations. We are confident that it is much easier to prevent those situations than to deal with the consequences.

We always check the knowledge and experience of our workers to make sure that they understand what working on construction sites is all about. Plus, we provide additional training to them. Our company also provides its employees with protective equipment. Every worker on site has to understand the importance of wearing that equipment. The construction tools and equipment are checked as well. We constantly assess the safety and suitability of the tools.

We always strive for perfection and want to provide our clients with the best possible results. At the same time, we understand that our employees need rest. That’s why we allow our workers to rest and relax. It gives them the energy they need so much to work towards our common goal – making the clients happy.

Marriott Construction reviews its Health and Safety policy annually to reflect any changes that might occur in legislation.

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