All projects that Marriott Construction builds comply with legislation. The projects are governed by two types of legislation such as:

  • Building regulations that cover interior works
  • Planning permissions that cover exterior works

All construction works which are performed by builders meet the industry standards. The structural integrity of a building is assured and the safety of occupants is guaranteed.

Building regulations

Whether you construct a new home, do a kitchen extension or renovate your house, it’s necessary to ensure that the building is safe. Once all works are finished, the checks are performed to ensure the project complies with the set of building regulations.

The set of building regulations are the standards for drainage, insulation, fire safety, gas and heating, party walls, support for new floors, staircases, stability of the building. Every project has to meet these standards.

The industry standards are set by the UK government and approved by Parliament. Marriott Construction takes responsibility for the quality of works performed by their building specialists. All projects performed by the company meet building regulations. Once the project is finished, homeowners get a completion certificate.

Planning permissions

The planning permission is not required if the construction works are performed in accordance with the permitted development rights.

The planning permission may be required if you are planning to make changes that go beyond the height limits. The local council gives planning permissions for building projects that meet the standards for construction, use of land as well as zoning.

Marriott Construction applies for the planning permission when it’s necessary. The company submits the plans for the proposed build to the local authorities.

Permitted Development Allowance

There are situations when planning permission is not required. According to the permitted development allowance, it’s allowed to build an addition to dormers of 40 cubic meter extension for a terraced house as well as a 50 cubic meter extension for semi-detached and detached houses without planning permission.

The permitted development allowance has exceptions. It’s necessary to build permission if you build an extension or conversion for flats and maisonettes. It’s necessary to obtain permission if you increase the height of the roof or add front-facing dormers for the properties which are located in conservation areas.

Lawful Development Certificate

Homeowners, who don’t need to get permitted development allowance, are advised to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC). The document is optional, but it shows that the construction work that has been done on a property meets the building regulations. The document helps defend the regulatory compliance of the work and sell a property at a higher price.

Homeowners, who choose to have extensions and alterations built with Marriott Construction, get the LDC. The company can apply for the LDC on your behalf.

Fire Safety

The specialists at Marriott Construction always take fire safety very seriously. Builders take all the necessary fire safety measures when working on their projects. They install all the necessary fire safety elements such as smoke alarms, fire doors, fire-resistant floors, escape paths, escape windows, etc. After all construction works have been finished, the building will meet the fire safety standards.

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