Large new build house in Hertfordshire - Case study

New House built by Marriott Construction London construction company

When our clients Orley and Jonathan Kutner found a house in Bushey, Hertfordshire, they instantly fell in love with the location and the setting. Still, they knew they would need to make significant changes to create the perfect family home they have been desiring. The original building, a chalet built in the 1960s, was very old fashioned, with small dark rooms, so they hired our London building company to demolish the old property and build a much larger, brighter mansion in its place. Designed by Stanley Architects and constructed from start to finish by our skilled team of builders and decorators, this beautiful house features floor to ceiling glazing and easy access to the garden through sliding glass doors.

Interiors of a new build mansion Hertfordshire
Lounge in a new build home in Hertfordshire

Step-by-step new home construction

  • Demolition and ground preparation
  • Wall construction
  • Roof construction
  • Fitting the glazing
  • Kitchen Fitting, Plumbing and Electrics
  • Completion
  • Demolition and ground preparation

    Demolition and ground preparation

    The original house had to be demolished, leaving just two walls as per architect's instruction. We then prepared the foundations and piling before moving onto the next step. 

    Construction of large house walls

    Wall construction

    After completing the foundations and putting in place all the safety measures, we moved onto the construction of the walls. Only the highest quality weatherproof blocks and bricks have been used.

    New build house construction

    Roof construction

    Felt and top quality roof tiles have been laid in place after we had constructed the massive steel structure to ensure that the pitched roof will last for generations.

    Fitting glazing

    Fitting the glazing

    Next, we fitted the floor to ceiling glazing to the central part of the house as well as sliding glass doors on each side to connect the house with the garden and to allow natural light into the new luxurious family home.

    Fitting and electrical work

    Kitchen Fitting, Plumbing and Electrics

    The electrical engineer prepared all the electrical fixes throughout the house to prepare for the fitting of the interiors. We made the kitchen area ready for the bespoke hand made shaker cabinets and the kitchen island to be fitted by Mark Wilkinson. We then sourced bespoke marble kitchen worktops and splashbacks for our clients and laid matching marble floor tiles. 


    Upon completion of this luxury new home and its interiors, we have issued our clients with all the relevant building certificates as well as a fifteen-year structural warranty. 

    New build mansion Hertfordshire
    Open plan interiors in a new build home in Hertfordshire
    Shaker style kitchen in a Hertfordshire home
    Front of a large Hertfordshire house
    Front of a new build house in Hertfordshire
    Grand entrance hall in a new build home in Hertfordshire

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