Ideas for small loft conversions

If you have an attic where the floor to ceiling height is at least 2.4 metres at the highest point, you could add a small bedroom to your home by converting your loft. 

Spiral staircase

Small loft ideas

If the square meterage of your loft conversion in London or Hertfordshire is relatively small, squeezing everything you need into your new space might be a challenging task.

Follow our guide to help you create a more substantial and comfortable loft room.

One of the first things to consider is the correct type of stairs for loft conversions. Regular staircases wouldn't probably be an ideal solution as they tend to take quite a lot of space. A spiral staircase is usually the best option when building a room in your loft.

Spiral staircases come in many different styles and materials. You could have a contemporary industrial style metal staircase or a more traditional wooden one. Whichever one you choose, make sure it is placed in such a way that it occupies as little living space as possible in both the loft and the room below. 

Dormer windows

small loft bedroom with a dormer window

Adding a dormer window, even a small one, can make a huge difference to the appearance of your new room.

There are several different types of roof dormers, the two most popular being a flat dormer and a gabled dormer, so you can choose one that will match your existing roof the best.

Place the dormer where you need the extra headspace it will add to the room.

Internal bifold doors

Bi-fold doors have been popular for many years. They are most commonly used for patios and rear house extensions. Still, they can also be utilised indoors, especially where lack of space might cause an issue with using regular doors, making them the perfect solution for small lofts. They usually made of wood, which is easy to paint to match your loft room's colour scheme, or aluminium, which gives them a nice contemporary touch. 

Wall bed

Bi-fold door and wall bed in a small loft conversion space

A brilliant solution for a small loft space that you want to turn into a bedroom is a wall bed.

Thanks to their simple mechanism, wall beds can be pulled out in the evening and retracted back into the wall in the morning to conceal them from view.

This gives you space to move around the room with ease during the day. An alternative solution is getting a sofa bed. 

The right layout 

Just with every room in your house, when furnishing your loft room, consider the layout of the furniture carefully. A clever space solution is getting a good quality made-to-measure wardrobe fitted along the wall. These are more expensive than a traditional wardrobe but will save valuable space. If you have built a dormer window, you could place your sofa under it, so that you can get natural light when reading or just relaxing. It will also ensure that you won't hit your head when getting off your sofa. 

Bathtub instead of a shower 

Bathroom in a small loft room with Velux windows

If you are building an en-suite loft bedroom, showers need a sufficient floor to ceiling height, therefore would need to be placed under the highest part of the roof, which is not always ideal. A bathtub might present a better solution.

If you have a roof-light window, such as Velux, closer to the side of your roof, the best idea would be to place your bathtub under it. This allows for better ventilation.

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