Loft Conversion Stairs Ideas

bedroom in a loft
Hanging staircase leading to a loft

Once you have already established how your loft could be converted, into a liveable space, it is highly recommended to get a qualified designer. These designers will help you maximise your loft and the space for your loft conversion stairs.   

They will also help you incorporate the design and motif that you wish to have. Plus, they can also help you decide the best types of loft conversion stairs that is applicable for your space, budget, and circumstances.

It is also best to seek the help of trusted construction companies north London to do the job for you. Although you have what it takes to make your loft and loft conversion stairs ideas come to life, aside from the fact that they are already experts in the field, they will also help you make the best out of your proposed idea according to your needs, style, and budget.

Staircase with storage
Floating stairs leading to a loft conversion

Here are some of the loft conversion staircase solutions that you could use in your own space: 

  • Stairs behind the storage unit

A good way to maximise space is to put it behind storage units like cabinet, drawers, etc. This will give the illusion that the stairs are invisible when, in fact, it is just nicely hidden away.

  •  Loft stairs that can also be used as storage units

If you cannot hide the stairs behind cabinets or other storage units, then another option to maximise space is to make loft stairs that can double up as storage units. You can put drawers on the steps to store your clothes or whatever you wish to store in there. 

  • Spiral Staircase

If you only have little space allotted for the staircase for your loft, then a great option will be to use a spiral design to make one. This unique design is not only lovely to look at, but it will help save space and avoid too many steep staircases. 

  • Floating Loft stairs

For a more unique design, why not try these floating loft stairs. Actually, these stairs hang from supporting cables, giving off the illusion of floating.

  • Side Storage Stairs

One of the clever loft stairs ideas for a new staircase for your loft space is building it on the side that can also be used as a storage as well. This would be a creative and smart option if you can’t avoid using space for your loft access.

Spiral staircase

Can I convert my loft?

Many would ask if they can convert their loft. Well, to simply answer the question, yes, indeed you can. In fact, converting a loft is less troublesome and will show quicker results than building an extension.

However, it is good to note that not all lofts can be used for a bedroom or other livable space. It has to be carefully examined first whether your loft space can really be usable or not.

Older properties more likely have good enough space to convert loft to a livable area. However, modern homes don’t have large attic spaces that older homes in the last century have; thus, contemporary homes may not have the luxury to enjoy a livable loft.

Does a loft conversion need stairs?

Stairs are indeed necessary for a loft conversion. This is because they give access to and from the loft.

Building regulations inspector will also consider the overall built of the stairs and its placement when checking on your loft conversion.

Thus, you need to give importance as to where and how this loft conversions staircase is built.

Where do you put stairs in a loft conversion?

Especially if you don’t have enough space for landing, you need to carefully think where to place your loft conversion staircase. Here are some of the options you could choose from. 

  1. Over existing stairs

  2. To save up the maximum area of your loft space, you can place your staircase over existing stairs to create a symmetrical aesthetic for your home’s design. This will also make sure that you don’t lose out on the headroom and lessen the floor space taken up by your new staircase. There are house extension builders as well that offer bundled services as we do. Bundled services can make the process easier because the builders you hire can manage everything for you – from the extension plans to the permits needed as well as the construction of the whole thing.

  3. Taking away a portion of another room

    For some homes, it is impossible to place a new staircase above existing stairs, thus taking space from another room would be your next viable option. You can either choose to take a section between a rarely used room or the largest room that will not make an apparent impact.

  4. Space saver staircases

    These space-saver staircases are often disliked by building regulation inspectors, thus it should be utilized as a last resort if there is no other viable option left for the placement of your staircase. These stairs have irregular treads on the stair, giving them their compact and smaller look. If you really want this type of staircase, then you should be certain to make a handrail on both sides as required in the building regulations.
wooden stairs

How much space do you need for loft stairs?

To be able to convert your loft into a practical and liveable space, the internal height will need to be at least 2.5 meters.

This means that the bigger the angle of the roof pitch, the greater the head height of your loft. You can use the space for a bedroom, bathroom, or whatever you like.


Building Regulations to Follow Regarding Stairs of Loft

All conversions must follow the building regulations, even though the type of conversion that you have does not require planning permission. Here are the regulations that should be complied for your loft staircase:

  • Minimum height for headroom must be at least 1.9 meters
  • Maximum steepness pitch of the staircase should be up to 42 degrees
  • A fixed staircase must be made to give access to going to and from the loft area
  • Risers must all be equal
  • Handrails must be provided, especially if the drop is more than 600mm. This means that only a maximum of two steps is permitted to have no handrails on the staircases
  • Space saver stairs may only be used if serving one single room

How much will a loft conversion add to my house?

A loft conversion can add value to your house. If you want to know how much or in which way, its good to have in consideration this options.

  • Adding an extra bedroom will also add value
  • According to a nationwide study in the UK, a loft converted to an extra bedroom could add up 21% of the house’s value. This is because a loft conversion can easily make your house from a 2-bedroom house to a 3-bedroom house; usually, the number of bedrooms is one of the determining factors regarding house valuations.

  • Increased space means an increased price
  • By adding a loft conversion, you are also adding extra meters for your house, thus increasing the price value of your home. Generally, the more space inside the house, the bigger is the value of the house.

Therefore, loft conversions will not only give you extra space for your house but also add value to your home. A good loft conversion would also require a well-built and space-saving loft conversion stair. We hope that our loft conversion stairs ideas have helped you decide on what stairs to use for your loft spaces. 

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