Office Refurbishment Ideas

When it comes to office refurbishment ideas, there’s plenty of options that you can choose. But before making your decision, there are several things that you need to consider. When choosing the right design for your office space, impact on productivity is one of the things you should have in mind.

You need to select a method that motivates productivity and also gives you a conducive working environment. Here are some of the ideas that you can consider for your office refurbishment in London.

Ensure you have adequate lighting

An ideal working space should have enough light. One way to achieve this is by incorporating large windows in your design. This will be instrumental in allowing more natural light into the office space. Aside from making your space look more spacious and brighter, it’s also an ideal way to save on energy because you get to reduce the amount of artificial light needed.

remodeled office with lights

Ensure there’s proper ventilation

Proper ventilation is one way to ensure that there’s a minimal requirement for air conditioning. Having large windows that can allow free circulation of air is one way to ensure that you get an energy-efficient solution for office ventilation.

Using Sustainable Materials

When doing office refurbishments, ensure that the building construction company you hire opts for sustainable materials. There are plenty of options for sustainable solutions, and your contractor should be able to advise you accordingly.

Incorporating ergonomic furniture

If you have employee productivity and wellness in mind, then ergonomic furniture would be an ideal solution for you. With ergonomic office furniture, you’ll be catering to the wellness of your team, thus motivating their productivity levels.

Add Green Plants in your Design

Also known as biophilic design, it involves incorporating things related to nature like plants in your office design. You get to actively incorporate natural elements in your office refurbishment design. This can range from having large windows to allow natural light and proper ventilation or having green plants as part of offices decor. Plants are also known to help purify the air.

remodel office with furniture

Choosing the Right Layout

The amount of space you have available will determine a layout that is suitable for your office space. Depending on the work environment you want to create for your team, you can opt for an open office layout or have the spaces partitioned into sizable units.

You can also have a creative corner or standing work stations. It would help if you created a workspace that encourages the team's flexibility. You can also add a spot with comfortable sofas where the employees interact during their breaks.

Selecting the right colour pallet

The colours you choose to incorporate for your office space will play an essential role in determining the type of environment you create for your team. Using bright colours will make your office space look brighter and more lively.

It would be best if you also considered your brand identity when choosing a suitable colour pallet. You want to motivate employee productivity levels, so it’s advisable to choose colours that don’t give your office environment a dull mood.

Incorporating your Brand Identity

Incorporating your brand in your design during an office refurbishment makes it easier for both your employees and clients to identify with the brand. You should aim at creating an excellent first impression when your clients visit your premises.

How Do I Design a Sustainable Office?

When we think of sustainability, several things come to mind, with the environment being one of them. Aside from being beneficial to the environment, a sustainable office design is also pocket friendly because you save on unnecessary costs. Here are some tips for sustainable office space:

  • Ensure that your building is energy-efficient. During a refurbishment, you should ensure that your design is aimed at achieving reasonable energy efficiency levels.
  • You should also ensure that you incorporate sustainable tech during the fit-out stage.
  • Opt for eco-friendly furniture.
  • Make sustainability a part of the office culture, e.g. by encouraging employees to recycle often and reduce the company impact on the environment.
refurbished office interior

Important Things to consider when Choosing an Office Refurbishment design

Whenever you’re planning an office renovation, there are plenty of things that you need to consider. If you’re having a house renovation in London, you’ll need to hire a qualified contractor for you to have a productive workspace. Some of the essential things you need to consider are the followings:

  • Hiring a qualified builder. With a qualified individual, you won’t have a lot to worry about regarding the craftsmanship and skills needed for the job.
  • Your budget. How much are you planning to spend on your office refurbishment project? Getting quotes from different contractors is essential in determining how much you’re likely to spend.
  • The design you want. There are several designs that you can choose for your office. Having a garden office in London is also something you can consider if you are short for space.
  • Office fit-out ideas. You need to plan the office's interiors to maximise the available spaces and enhance productivity levels.
  • The type of furniture you want. These days, ergonomic furniture works best because it also caters to the employee's wellness. You can also opt for eco-friendly office furniture.
  • The need for planning permission. Depending on how much work needs to be done, you should always check with the local authorities if your project falls under permitted development rights or not.

From the above, planning an office refurbishment can be easy if you’re working with the right team. It can also be quite a disaster if there’s poor planning and an incompetent builder.

However, with the tips highlighted above, we bet planning your office renovation will be a success. From some of the important factors you should consider when choosing a suitable design to some of the design options you can view, there’s so much to learn from this simple guide.

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