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We have all, at some point, wished that we could work from home. But now that the idea has become a reality for so many, some of us have realised that working from home is actually not that simple. If you run a small business, you could save yourself a small fortune by working from home instead of renting an office. However, with so many distractions around the house, it is sometimes a bit too tempting to leave the desk, switch the TV on, or have a short coffee break that ends up being much longer than planned. Or maybe your teenagers are entertaining themselves by playing football in their room, which happens to be right above your makeshift home office in your living room. Plus, many people don't feel comfortable having an office inside their house as it makes them feel as if they are never really leaving work. Luckily, there is a simple and inexpensive solution available. A garden office in London is one of the best options to create a peaceful and comfortable working place

Garden office built by office in my garden in North London

Types of Garden offices in London

Garden offices in London became very popular a few years ago, and we believe that they will become even more popular now. Why? Many of us are paying rent for offices on the high street or in office blocks, despite not being able to use them. Building an office or rooms in the garden are always within your reach, but without it taking up valuable space in your home.

You can choose to opt for either the modular log cabins or have a bespoke garden office built. If you have the prowess and skill, the other option is to take the DIY route. But for better results, it's always advisable to hire a professional builder.

For a bespoke alternative, you could get a handcrafted timber lodge designed to your requirements before being erected in your London garden office, insulated, clad and internally plastered by experienced London builders, creating a custom office metres away from your home. 

You'll also need a London electrician to install lights and underfloor heating for a complete garden office.

What you need to know before building an office in your garden

Before you embark on garden buildings projects, there are several things that you need to consider. This will range from the design you want, layout, budget to any other amenities you'll need in your garden office

  • Need for planning permission
  • Timber buildings, including garden offices, classify as temporary structures and fall under permitted development and do not require planning permission unless you live in a conservation area. However, if you want running water or a gas connection in your garden room, you would need permission from your local council in London. 

  • The garden office design you want
  • Whether it's a modular or bespoke design, you need to establish a suitable design for your garden room interiors. Do you want a garden office where your clients can visit you or a space where it's just you? When making your choice, it's important to note that the room design you choose will significantly impact your productivity levels. Therefore, you need to be careful when deciding.

  • Suitable Heating
  • Electric heating is the most sensible solution as your garden office needs to be connected to electricity anyway. Underfloor heating saves space and can easily be covered with a choice of laminate flooring. 

  • Security requirement
  • Most bespoke garden offices include multipoint locking aluminium doors and windows. An electrician can also fit a security alarm making your lodge even more secure.

  • Your budget
  • Your budget goes a long way in determining the London garden office you will have. It will also determine the type of furniture and amenities you'll have in your office garden room.

  • Hiring a reliable builder
  • To achieve your desired design, you'll need to work with a qualified and diligent team. You can always hire a refurbishment company in London to give you a functional garden room.

Do I need planning permission for my London garden office?

When embarking on any home construction project, you need first to establish whether you need any planning permission from the local authorities for garden outbuildings. Some of the circumstances you'll not need planning permission includes the following:

If the garden floor area is less than 15 square meters and has no sleeping accommodation, planning permission won't be necessary. You also won't need planning permission if the garden buildings are between 15 to 30 square meters as long as it doesn't have any sleeping accommodation. Another instance is if the garden buildings are built using non-combustible material.

However, you will require planning permission if your London garden office is more than 30 square meters. Approval will also be necessary if you plan on having either a shower room, toilet or sleeping accommodation. You should ensure that everything, including installing any plumbing and electrical fittings, is done according to the building regulations requirements.

room office

Choosing the right garden office room design

Once your garden office in London has been constructed, there are plenty of designs that you can choose for your space. For ideal results, you can work closely with an office refurbishments expert. This way, it will be easier for you to make the right decision with professional guidance. Of course, the design you choose for your London garden office should also improve your productivity levels. Some of the things you should consider:

  • Good lighting. Proper lighting is ideal for impact on productivity levels and will make your garden office room seem brighter and more extensive. For adequate natural lighting, you can always opt for larger windows.
  • Proper insulation. To have conducive offices working space, you should ensure that there are adequate insulation and ventilation.
  • Internet connectivity. You should ensure that in the garden room there's no buffering with your network connection, to avoid any interruptions as you continue working.
  • Ensure proper electricity and plumbing connectivity. If you're working in your garden office, you want to ensure you have all the amenities to avoid unnecessary interruptions.
  • Choose the proper layout. You should find a suitable structure for the garden offices depending on your needs and preferences and the amount of space available.

From the above, it's evident that a lot goes into achieving a desired garden office design. Other building regulations and legal requirements need to consider if you want to avoid any trouble with London's local planning authorities. Overall, having a dedicated and reliable builder is one sure way to ensure that your project goes as planned.

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