Interesting Areas to live in Barnet

As the second-largest borough of London, Barnet has plenty to offer for its residents. Whether you’re looking for an affordable place to live in, or if money isn’t an issue for you, Barnet has something for everyone. The leafy areas and trees in the streets continue to appeal to nature lovers. The cultural diversity is something else that prevails, especially in the South.

You will find mostly young families or old couples looking to enjoy their retirement in a peaceful place. Residents there also don’t have to worry about the connectivity to Central London because the Northern Line makes it all easy. If you’re looking to move or purchase a new property in the area, this article shall highlight some of the areas you can consider in the London borough of Barnet. Some of these places include the following:

  • High Barnet/Chipping Barnet
  • Finchley
  • Golders Green
  • Hadley
  • Hendon
  • Edgware
  • Mill Hill
  • Cricklewood
  • Hampstead
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Living in High Barnet

If you’re thinking of a suburban paradise, then High Barnet, otherwise known as the Chipping Barnet would be the ideal place for you. Aside from the good schools, green spaces, it also entails some of the most pricey properties in the Barnet area. The population is mostly young families and young professionals looking to settle in a quieter area.

The area has a wide array of property types ranging from double fronted Victorian and Edwardian houses to detached homes. You’ll also find period cottages and Georgian homes. Although there are no ultra-modern skyscrapers, there are apartment buildings and converted houses.

When it comes to transport, the Northern line makes it all easy since it operates at High Barnet tube station, which is also the last stop. There are also several restaurants you can visit to grab your favourite meal. There’s also the Barnet Museum and Trent Park where you can enjoy your leisure time.

Living in Finchley

Located in the Barnet borough, Finchley has a lot of amenities, property and transport options available. The different Finchley areas you can reside in include the following:

  • Finchley Central
  • North Finchley
  • West Finchley
  • East Finchley

Although East Finchley is more priced, the other areas provide a more affordable option for young professionals. However, it is the most desirable area of the four. Whether you’re planning on using your own means or public transport, there are several options when it comes to transport links to Central London.

There are several restaurants in the area like the Catcher in Rye where you get to enjoy different cuisines. When it comes to attractions, you’ll come across some like the Phoenix Cinema and the Great North Leisure parks.

Living in Golders Green

Golders Green is yet another leafy suburb in Barnet Borough that you can reside in. The wide range of property in the area includes both detached and semi-detached homes. The excellent schools and safety of the neighbourhood make it popular with families. Most of the population is made of the established Jewish community.

You also get to enjoy various amenities like cafes, open spaces and reliable transport links to and from Central London. The neighbourhood is safe considering it has an average crime rate.

Living in Hadley

Located only 30 minutes away from Central London, this neighbourhood features some of the most sought after homes in Barnet Borough. You’ll get different property styles in Hadley including period homes, cottages and stylish luxurious apartments. For a place that offers both the rural and city delights, it’s no surprise that most residents have a high staying power.

Considering most of the people stay in the area long term, you’ll find most of them renting their homes. For transport, the neighbourhood is served by a railway station that has direct trains to the city. The Spires shopping centre and Trent Park provide you with plenty of activities to engage in during your free time.

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Living in Hendon

According to Hendon’s history, it became part of Barnet borough in 1965. When it comes to having the most convenient and ideal transport links, Hendon is well connected with the bus network and the tube station. Just like Hadley, the residents here tend to stay in their homes for long periods. The Jewish community makes for the greater population of the area.

Aside from the thirties’ period homes, Hendon also has modern apartments. The transport link to and from the area is also pretty sufficient and reliable. Aside from enjoying different cuisines from the various restaurants, you can also visit the Wembley stadium and the Brent Cross shopping centre which isn’t far from the neighbourhood.

Living in Edgware

Just like some of the previous areas we’ve seen Edgware is yet another residential suburb in the Barnet borough whose large population is mostly Jews. Although you’ll find several new developments popping up in the neighbourhood, you’ll still come across several detached homes around.

With the Northern Line underground network and the reliable bus services, transportation to and from is something you shouldn’t have to worry about. There are also good schools, restaurants and even a shopping centre.

Apart from the six areas discussed above, there are other neighbourhoods in the Barnet borough that you can choose to reside like Cricklewood, Mill Hill and Hampstead among others. Aside from the different amenities you get to enjoy, there are also different property styles to choose from.

Can I have an attic conversion in my Barnet property?

Yes, you can. Regardless of the type of property you have, there are different loft conversion ideas that you can opt for. With an basement extension, you’ll be able to improve your home without having to move out or buy a new house. You will also need to hire a qualified and reliable local builder who can convert your dream loft to a reality.

From this article, you also get to see the different unique things that each area has to offer. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to make an informed decision regarding your next move into the area.

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