Basement Conversions In Barnet

Has your family overgrown your home in Barnet and you don’t have enough outdoor space to build an extension? Don’t worry! A practical solution exists! You can convert a basement and add usable space to your house. Basement conversions in Barnet are an alternative to moving out and an effective solution to the lack of space. Cellar conversion is a great way to extend your home.

Basement conversion will allow you to create more functional space in your house. You’ll be able to use this space as a living space or storage space. There are many basement conversion ideas. You can turn your cellar into a bedroom, gym, theatre room, playroom, living room, studio, utility room, or other types of rooms. Marriott Construction offers basement conversion Barnet services to help you solve your space problems in the best possible way.

Does It Make Sense to Invest In a Basement Conversion?

A basement conversion is a good option for people, who don’t want to move out of their existing house in Barnet but need the additional living space. These people are eager to know if basement conversions are worth it. To answer this question, it’s necessary to calculate the costs of works that need to be done and compare them to the prices on properties in Barnet. Let’s take a look at the latest data and try to get the answer.

The average price of living space in Barnet is £538 per square metre. If you are going to purchase a house in the Barnet area, you must be ready to pay £650,000. The cost of converting a basement into 2 - 3 rooms will depend on the different sizes and types of the cellar. Basement conversions increase the value of a property by 10% - 15%. They are a cost-effective solution that provides a high return on investments. Converting a cellar in an existing house is a lot easier and cheaper than buying a new place.

cellar living room

What is the Cost of Converting a Basement?

Initially, you will deal with an architect to set a design that fits with the place. A team will create a design for your basement conversion project. The costs of basement conversion depend on the size of work that needs to be done and project details.
Do you need to fit the pumping system into basement? Or, maybe, you need to change the existing structure of the building during the renovation?
Do you need to install heating or lighting in your house? You must be prepared to pay the extra costs to get the additional jobs done. The average cost of converting a basement in Barnet is calculated per square metre.

extra bedroom

Is a Planning Permission Required for a Basement Conversion?

The permission is usually not required for basement conversions and attic conversions in Barnet. However, these projects may need permission if significant changes need to do to the building structure.

The project will require permission if the floor level of a cellar gets reduced. Approvals are essential when a light well is added to a basement, and the appearance of a building has changed.

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How Long Do Basement Conversion Projects Last?

It will not take professional builders in Barnet too much time to turn your existing basement into additional living space. The durability of a project depends on the type of a basement conversion.

A simple cellar conversion will last several weeks. More complex projects such as full basements conversions will take several months, due to the work that this involves excavation, underpinning, waterproofing, tanking and under-structure building. Making a perfect space for absorbing noises.

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Get a Basement Converted

Converting a basement is a great way to add functional space to an existing house and solve space problems.

If you choose to get a cellar converted, you will be able to avoid moving out of an existing house in Barnet. Taking advantage of placing your personality to the decorations of your home by asking for professional advice of Interior designers in Barnet.

Doing this will help you save money and eliminate the inconvenience and stress of buying a new house and relocation. Live in your home and enjoy life to its fullest.

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