Architects in Barnet

If you plan to build a new house or extend your home in Barnet or the surrounding areas, you will need to start by finding an experienced local architect in Barnet or an architectural consultancy that will prepare the drawings and help you obtain planning permission.

modern house designed by Barnet architects

There are several different ways to find an architect's service in Barnet, including:

  • Google Search is often the first place people turn when they need to find an architect for extension services, including designing new build properties, house extensions, loft conversion projects, and helping with planning issues.
  • Friends' recommendations. If some of your friends or neighbours recently used architectural services and the design looks good, ask for the consultancy's contact details.
  • Another way to find a good consultancy offering architecture service in your area is by using online directories.
  • RIBA's (The Royal Institute of British Architects) website is another good place to visit when looking for someone local to do the architectural design for your project.
  • Most building companies work alongside skilled local architects and will be happy to recommend a reputable architectural consultancy with relevant experience.

Alternatively, you could consider a design and build service offered by construction companies in Barnet. Design and build contractors employ an architect who completes the drawing, submits the planning application, and works with the project management and building team, overseeing the construction process.

Local Planning Applications

3d render of a barnet house extension

When you are planning to build a new property or extend an existing building in Barnet, start by evaluating whether your proposed design is likely to be accepted by the local authority. Walk around your area to check what styles of architecture were used in the construction of houses and home extensions.

If your idea is similar to recent building projects in your neighbourhood, you should be able to obtain planning permission. But even if your design differs from other properties in Barnet, experienced architects who are familiar with the local area might still be able to help you achieve your dream home. They will work with you to create a design you will love while making sure that it meets the council's planning and building regulations.

What Does an Architect Barnet Service include?

  • Separate construction drawings for all the elevations, floor plans and cross-sections.
  • Measurements of exterior walls and dimensions and positions of door and window openings.
  • Structural drawings that show the supporting steel beams and posts.
  • Specification document describing how the proposed design complies with the council's building regulations.
  • Details of bricks or wall cladding that is te be used for the external walls.
  • A 3d render (optional) of the new build or extension projects. This step will add to the cost, but it will allow you to see what your complete project will look like.
  • Interior design service (optional). Some architect can also help you achieve the perfect home design by preparing a 3D visualisation of the house or extension interiors, using specialised computer software.
  • If you live in a terraced or semi-detached house, you will also require a party wall agreement.
  • Some architects also provide project management services, where they oversee the building projects during the construction of the new property or home extension.
Architectural drawings by Lees Architects Barnet

Extension drawings by Lees Architects Barnet.

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