Kitchen Design Ideas in Islington

To some, the kitchen is the heart of the home. We can all agree it's quite an important place in a house. Over time, kitchen designs have evolved to be more functional and some are making returns proving to be timeless.

With most of the architecture in Islington being Victorian terraced houses and Georgian classical, there are several home improvement solutions that can come in handy. You can find a way to modify your kitchen to still maintain its warm, comfortable feel and be functional at the same time with modern statements.

Whether you are building a new home, getting a kitchen extension, revamping your old kitchen, or give a unique touch to your loft , this article has a number of modern kitchen ideas that you could incorporate. 

kitchen with natural light

Ensure there’s adequate lighting

This could be anything from large windows to artificial lights. Extending your kitchen is one of the many extension ideas in Islington that you can implement.

There is no better way to incorporate a lot of natural lighting in your kitchen than when you're building it.
The right lighting will give your kitchen space a whole new vibe to it and make it look brighter and bigger.

If you pick a dark themed kitchen, light it up! Take advantage and put LED lights everywhere, whether below your top cabinets, on the ceiling, or hanging lambs.

Kitchen shaker

Opt for a kitchen island

Kitchen islands are among the top trending kitchen design ideas, and it looks that they are here to stay. It is the versatility of the islands that makes them even more attractive.

Getting the right builders in Islington will help you get the ideal design for your dream kitchen. They can be used as kitchen countertops, dining tables, and even workspace especially if you have inadequate space.

If your kitchen is spacious, go ahead and put in two counters. Might sound like too much, but it's something you'll come to love! 

stone backsplash

Backsplash in stone backgrounds

Backsplash in stone backgrounds adds such an exquisite appearance to your kitchen space.

They're that eye-catching fine detail and at the same time stylish and warm. You could match them with your kitchen countertops.

The backsplash in stone backgrounds is preferred because they have a smooth surface that is much easier to clean.

kitchen with dark backsplash

A dark-themed pallet kitchen

There is so much play you can put in your dark themed kitchen. Dark themed surfaces provide this modern, classy mysterious feel to your kitchen yet so warm if paired with the right colours.

For this to work perfectly, you could keep your floor surface really light or add medium-light countertops.

The combination and contrast colours such as taupe, beige, or brown are timeless, elegant, and still add a natural warmth to your kitchen. A good example is if you opt for dark grey and neutral wood.  

modern sinks

Choosing unique modern sinks

With time, sinks have been improved to be more aesthetically appealing and functional at the same time!

This is from the beautiful designs of faucets largely available as well as the sinks themselves. Your interior designer can help you choose the ideal sink design for your property in Area N1.

You can get anything from one with two bowls, built-in chopping boards, strainers, and drainers. This is a win-win in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

shelves in kitchen

Installing open shelves

This is another kitchen design idea for you to consider. Open shelving is in right now and allows you to showcase your stylish kitchenware and cutlery. You could also incorporate some clear or textured glass into your shelves.
However, we know life gets messy and the open shelves might not be aesthetically pleasing all the time.

You can combine shelves with cabinets for such moments. With the right builder, getting a suitable design that goes well with your interior design theme won’t be hard.

There are many ways you can design your kitchen. Although some designs are bound to change and evolve over time, some will still be suitable regardless. You can have fun with these designs as much as you want and still maintain the prestigious Georgian and Victorian feel of your Islington property. 

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