Choosing the Right Bricks for your Extension

If you live in a period property with a facing brick wall and want to build a house extension which will match the existing property, finding the correct type of building materials might be challenging. While nowadays most bricks are factory-made until late nineteenth-century bricks were made by hand. So the older the house, the more likely it is that you will need to compromise. Our building company has got years of experience building extensions using face bricks. We have formed a close working relationship with many suppliers and have been able to source all kind of bricks, both new and reclaimed, for our clients. Below are just a few examples.

Extension with multicolour facing brick wall in London

Blend of Red and Brown Multi Stock Bricks

Many new properties are built using an exquisite blend of red and brown multi bricks. This colour combination enhances the intrinsic quality of the property. As this colour scheme is relatively new, it should not be difficult to find matching bricks if you are planning to build an extension.

A popular option is Hampton Rural Blend Brick. These durable, factory moulded bricks have a pleasant red and brown multicolour finish and a dense texture.

Alternatively, you could opt for Blenheim Red Multi (pictured). These hand-moulded facing bricks are red-brown with some of them being dark, almost purple in colour, making your extension stand out while reflecting the surrounding environment.

house extension with red multi stock brick wall in Hertfordshire

Factory-Made Red Bricks

If you live in a property with rich red facing walls, finding matching bricks should be a lot easier. Perhaps the most popular type of red facing brick is Windsor Red. These factory pressed clay bricks are medium red, with a light, smooth texture. They are moderately frost resistent, making them suitable for house extension projects in London, Hertfordshire and the South East.

Another popular choice is Tuscan Red multi (pictured). Slightly darker than Windsor Red, these wire cut, factory-made bricks are multicoloured, meaning that there is a small variation in the shade from brick to brick. Being highly frost-resistant, these are suitable for building projects in the North, as well as in the South East.

House extension with London multistock brick walls in North London

London Multi Stock Bricks

London Multi Stock is a mix of yellow and red bricks, with some being grey or even almost black due to their age. They are original imperial handmade bricks which were being produced in the 19th century. These are very common in London, as they were the main form of building material for many years. If your home was built around that time, using this type of reclaimed brick in your house extension project will mirror the original house retaining its look.

Our team has built this extension wall by laying reclaimed multi stock bricks in a Flemish bond pattern, alternating between the long and the short side of the brick.

London Multi Stocks are also perfect for creating interior exposed brick walls, which can add a touch of luxury to your extension. 


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