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Marriott Construction can help you with your upcoming residential or commercial project. We are building contractors in London specialising in house extensions, attic conversions and refurbishments. With a highly competitive market, you will need to employ contractors who are knowledgeable in construction. Properties construction require meticulous planning and preparation work. That's why choosing a reliable building company can be challenging. Things will go easy if you know how this works and what they do.

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Building Contractor

Building contractors work on residential and commercial building projects in London. The main goal of a building service company is to provide an effective solution to the problems of their customers.

Residential construction companies do house refurbishments, home office building, kitchen extensions, loft conversions and other types of home renovation works.

The contractors, which work in the commercial service sector, build office spaces and do different types of fit-outs. No matter what type of refurbishment project is, a building contractor has to create a safe environment for each specialist, who works on a property.

Building contractors in London specialise in the design and build services. The so-called design and build contractors offer a full range of building services in London. A construction company helps its customers come up with design ideas and turn them into reality.

A team of extension builders works closely with an architect, who helps clients prepare the necessary architectural drawings and get planning permissions for building projects.

What is the average cost to hire a contractor for building a house?

Many factors affect the cost of hiring a building contractor. The average cost of hiring contractors for building a house ranges between £1,750 and £3,000 per square metre.

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What Do General Dontractors Do?

London residents can hire either builders or GCs. There are some differences between builders and GCs. Builders do construction projects on their own. They can finish the work from the beginning till the end. Builders do certain types of projects only.

GCs do trade and manage teams of subcontractors and they can help people with any type of refurbishment project in London. A GC is a professional, who works as a project manager. General contractor’s responsibilities include:

  • Hiring and managing a team of builders
  • Creating schedules
  • Purchasing the materials for a building project
  • Helping customers get the necessary permits
  • Checking the quality of completed work

A specialist supports the clients from the beginning till the end. GCs work on different types of building and renovation projects , including:

  • Additions
  • HVAC projects
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing work
  • Structural work
  • Refurbishments
  • Loft conversions
  • Foundation repairs
  • Creating schedules for builders

A general contractor does all the necessary management tasks during the construction process. You’ll start dealing with GCs after the design of your construction has been approved.

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How Much Does it Cost to hire a General Contractor?

The costs mainly depend on the size of a building project in London. General contractor’s fees range between 10% and 20% of the total project costs.

What Does it take to be a Good Building Contractor?

A lot of contractors London companies operate on the market today. But not all building contractors in London provide high-quality services. That’s why picking reliable building contractors for a construction project is not always easy. You should aim to find building contractors, who have completed a lot of construction projects and established a solid reputation in London. Such a team does high-quality building work and helps clients accomplish their goals.

You need to pay close attention to a portfolio of a residential builder. Experienced building companies can always show samples of high quality works. A portfolio of such a London builder includes loft conversions, extension projects, etc. Do you want to get a loft converted? If so, you should consider building companies that have experience in loft conversion projects.

Give a preference to the professional companies, who have been working on different types of projects. Customer satisfaction has to be the number one priority for a builder. When working on a project, reliable building contractors meet the client’s deadlines as well as budget. Try to deal with the leading building contractors in London. Such companies provide a full range of construction services for every high-end residential property in London. Such companies can help you with planning, design and build services for property extension.

It makes sense to get an initial consultation from a builder. Ask them what types of residential projects they specialise in, what niches they are good at and what size of works they do. Let’s say that you are looking for a builder that can help you with a kitchen extension project. Pick highly professional kitchen contractors for your project.

Oftentimes, residential builders make promises they can’t keep. Avoid dealing with contractors London teams that say they can help clients with anything. Some builders specialise in large projects only. They design and build house extensions, loft conversions, refurbishment projects, etc. On the other hand, some builders do small works only. They build bathrooms, brick walls, etc.

You should aim to find residential building contractors London that have a lot of happy customers. Check reviews of contractors before making a final choice. You have to take into account many important factors. Read reviews carefully to find out what people say about work experience, the quality of refurbishment works, customer service, deadlines, etc.

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Get an initial Consultation with Residential Building Contractors!

Let’s say that you have found good contractors in London. Now, you have to get in touch with a residential builder of your choice and get an initial consultation. Initially, a builder will visit your home in London and analyse your refurbishment needs carefully. During the consultation, a builder will provide you with a service quote.

What impression does a builder leave on you? If you are happy with the communication, you can get started with a project. A design and build company will create comfortable and safe spaces in your living environment.

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