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Notting Hill is one of the best places to live in London. That’s why so many residents don’t want to move out of the W11 area. Let’s say that you’ve overgrown your family, but don’t want to buy a new house and relocate to another place. Loft conversions, kitchen extensions and other types of house extensions are worth considering. There are different types of home extension building services. Ask reliable extension builders in Notting Hill to turn your home renovation dreams into reality.

At the first stage of the construction process you’ll cooperate with a team of architects. A team of architects is responsible for preparing drawings that have to be submitted to your local authority. If drawings are approved, a local builder in Notting Hill will develop the construction that meets quality standards as well as your needs and budget.  

Once the extension is built, quality checks are performed by a building inspector and clients get the completion certificate. Marriott is a reliable building company that has completed so many extension building projects in Notting Hill and surrounding areas such as Camden and others. If you would like to figure out how Notting Hill builders can solve your space problems with professional building services, contact the company to get a free initial consultation with a project manager today!

Coming Out with Design Ideas for House Extensions

Home extension design is something that should be taken very seriously. There are single-storey extensions as well as double-storey extensions. Extensions come with either a flat roof or a pitched roof. Explore all of your options carefully and choose an extension that meets your needs and budget in the best possible way.

Analyze other extensions that people have built in the W11 area or ask a team of a team of architects or your project manager for advice. This will help you come up with design ideas. Planning permission is not required for an extension if its design qualifies under the permitted development. 

Home, kitchen and loft conversion is a cost-effective solution for people who want to extend their properties and get more space. It’s a lot easier to extend a house than move out. If you choose to get your home extended, you don’t need to sell an existing house and buy a new one. You don’t have to relocate to a new place. Home builders in North London will extend your existing house and solve your space problems efficiently. 

single storey extension design

One-storey Home Extensions 

One-storey home extension is a popular type of renovation in Notting Hill. Among the most popular types of single storey extensions are:

  • Rear extensions
  • Side return extensions
  • Wrap-around extensions

Planning permission is usually not required for rear and side one-storey home extensions. These types of extensions qualify under Permitted Development.

Extension builders in North London can add a gym or fireplace to your garden. They can even build an open plan kitchen for your house. This type of extension will allow you to connect a house to a backyard and provide you and your family with the additional space.

Double storey extension design

Double-storey Home Extensions 

If you are looking for more cost-effective solutions to your space problems than one-storey extensions, double-storey extensions can be a good option.A double-storey extension will cost you more than a single storey one, but it provides higher return on investment. When building a double-storey extension, you’ll have to spend a lot of money on such parts as foundation and roof.

Marriott has been providing double-storey extension building service for many years. Recommended builders in Notting Hill will construct a double-storey extensions for you quickly.

An extension will be added either to back or side of your Notting Hill property. Take advantage of the building service to get extra space that can be transformed into a bedroom, office or playroom. Your kitchen can be extended as well.

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